Founded in 2011, Sydney Brown is a directional luxury footwear label that offers a unique combination of dynamic design, and ethical and ecologically sustainable production. Sydney Brown, an American-born designer, founded her eponymous label due to her conviction that luxury could be produced in an environmentally-friendly way. The brand aesthetic is pared down and understated with the focus on luxurious materials, sculptural lines and unusual detailing. Having worked and studied in Japan for over 15 years, she has adopted the Japanese aesthetic for beautiful and innovative materials over embellishment.

Taking a holistic approach to design, Sydney Brown espouses respect for the environment and the wearer without compromising on style. The core tenets of the Sydney Brown brand revolve around the concept of “reverence for life” and this respect for life is extended to three spheres:

Humanworking conditions, fair labor practices, foot health and shoe comfort for wearers
Each shoe is handcrafted at a state-of-the-art factory near Porto, Portugal, which is committed to sustainability as well as performance and new technology constructions.

Animalno materials derived from animal products
Every element of the shoe is free of animal products, using non-animal fat glues developed in-house by adhesive chemists.

Environmentminimum use of hazardous substances and non-renewable resources, low energy and water consuming materials and processes, and minimum waste production
The shoe uppers are created by bonding shaven cork and grains to organic cotton. Additional innovative materials are derived from pressed pineapple and coconut fibers. The heels and platforms come from sustainably-harvested German beech wood, aiming to create every pair of shoes with a ‘cradle to cradle’ life cycle.