Shoe Care

Sustainably Harvested / Reclaimed Wood

Wood is a durable, but natural material, so please be careful to avoid knocking the back of the heel into stairs or edges of sidewalks. To protect and maintain your heels, a gentle sanding with sandpaper can remove marks and dirt from the wood and then a natural wood finish can then be applied.

Natural Rubber Soles

Our soles are made from natural rubber, a unique material for being both flexible and durable. However, natural rubber is an organic material, and as such can be sensitive to very strong heat, making it sticky upon contact and then brittle as it dries. Similar to our other natural shoe materials such as cork and wood, the natural rubber must be protected from extreme heat and sharp surfaces.

Replacing The Rubber Sole

The rubber sole will loosen in time, since wood is a natural living material. It can be glued back on, or easily replaced at your local shoe repair shop.

Caring For Cork Upper Material

If discoloration or marks appear on the bonded cork, simply use shoe polish just like you would on leather.

If you have any questions or need guidance on your shoe maintenance, please contact us with your questions at